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Who rules the house is it the Father or the Mother?

The job description of the first lady of Djibouti and her husbanare as follows; The first lady is the Interior President among other things of this one City State; it seems that she is in full control of everything that goes on. She strategically positioned her people (her tribe and other minorities) in the important … Continue reading

How Ba-fourlabeh family sold out Djibouti

¬†Inchcape shipping services own by DP world unofficially but who own the rest of multi companies under it, Ahmed Oman is general manager, director general, one of underground owner and everything, he is immigrant son of Oman Gullah Arrab. Unlike the President who was born in Ethiopia Ahmed Osman are the 1st generation Djiboutian and … Continue reading

Imminent President of Djibouti Yassa DjibClean

Back-in-days in Ottawa, Canada, the little cousin of the President Yacin known as DjibClean and his friend Wali used to work for businessman called Louis LeBlanc; Wali was the supervisor for that business (gas station). DjibClean now the boss the of Wali back then Wali was the supervisor of DjibClean, they both collaborated a plan … Continue reading

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