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How Ba-fourlabeh family sold out Djibouti

 Inchcape shipping services own by DP world unofficially but who own the rest of multi companies under it, Ahmed Oman is general manager, director general, one of underground owner and everything, he is immigrant son of Oman Gullah Arrab. Unlike the President who was born in Ethiopia Ahmed Osman are the 1st generation Djiboutian and most successful businessman whether he got that unparallel success in fair manner is another matter. One thing for sure that he is the sole owner of the DHL Djibouti Under which every other businesses are operating, he has some similarities of business style like the late Yassin Yaabe or the runaway flamboyant Borreh but on the first lady side!!!!!!

Ahmed Osman is the 1st generation Djiboutian he and his family maintains  strong ties with their ancestral land in which they have properties and business in so called Somaliland, Djibouti is front office for those businesses to be specific free zone offices import and export business right here in Djibouti to facilitate and represent indirectly self declared Somaliland, this however mean recognizing Somaliland is not the interest for  both IOG and Ahmed Osman , they need to keep Somaliland as their hostage forever. That is not acceptable to the SomaliLanders at the same time it is creating animosity toward Djiboutian people as long as the above mentioned morons manipulate the official government of Djibouti policies to their personal interest.

 The following business is in the same complex run by Ahmed Osman with the huge DHL logo out side but inside is quite another thing ,Inchcap, GTS, Africa first, money wiring, DHL, Car rental business, real estate company, transport breakage business without license, money exchange bureau, escort services for elite client like major commercial ship crew and   foreign high ranking military officers of course with the help of Gauché “Commandant De Port Djibouti” as his pimp and coordinator of illicit business among other things we have yet to discover.

 Moreover the following licenses and exclusivity are held by Ahmed Osman; Steve door license, forwarding license, ground transportations license, air cargo license Inchcap shipping line exclusive agent of Maersk line containers, the only favorite service provider of the ports of Djibouti logistic service as well as huge exclusive contracts with the American military and World Food Program Basically very meaningful business were given to this mysterious business empire run by Ahmed Osman.

What is even more amazing the way the businesses are inter mingle for example 90 percent of the time the DHL courier motor cycle delivers custom clearance documents for the forwarding business they do not do their actual work which is to pickup and deliver DHL packages only that they are licensed for if any, and something goes for all the other businesses how the government income taxes are sorted out if they do file any income taxes, Do you police yourself? Of course you don’t and the government general auditor is who?

 The latest new arrival business is security guard company, the guard with unique uniform, t shirt with the Djiboutian flag, its legality is in question who give them the license to operate (Agreement de Security) is it from Minister of Interior or from the parallel Government of the 1 first Lady through Col. Abdullahi Abdi?, we know that La Lorraine security contract is up for renewal, would Ahmed Osman and his associates pressure the US military to replace the ill-faded La Lorraine Security? It remains to be seen we also knew that La Lorraine security get the contract without security license from the ministry of interior its quite an embarrassment for the US military to award a contract  without proper License to operate in this country it was a obvious violation of the host nation  law of the land.

 Well you do not need to go far to see how Ahmed Osman and his associates are trying to dominate the business landscape huge and small just visit their air port kiosk DHL includes; money wiring system, Kinko style office supply including photocopying, faxing documents, they even sell Djibtelecom Sim card and calling cards, It one stop shopping for travel convenience, its complete domination for the surrounding kiosk Do they display (Patent) license like the rest of the other business? Of course not

 In recent event, Ahmed Osman was hand pick of 1st Lady and he was given a contract to run  Torah Borah  (Parking extension for the port of Djibouti) just like that without proper procedure i.e. with out any tender, Why not Yasa Djibclean or any other businessman for that matter ,we believe Yasa can do better job than Ahmed Osman simply he has truck record of being fair to all Djiboutian regardless of their ethnicity, in actual fact when he had contract with American military the majority of his employee were not his ethnic group according to the US military who keeps the record of the employee ethnicity in the camp

 However unlike Djibclean, Ahmed Osman tend to employ only his ethnic group, he often go extra length to require illegal employees of his own tribe (Isaac), he use pressure with mysterious power behind it through most governmental institution, He would not get away all this without blessing of 1st Lady roomer has it she is behind all this shady business dealing in other word she is real Queenpin as of kingpin, Ahmed Osmans entire ethnic group get national ID and Driver license with out setting foot to District office. You can not secure this kind of unparallel success if the power full ruling Ba Furlabeh family fully behind you.

Ahmed Osman has been visiting UK lately in order to finalize the negotiation of tobacco dealership license in Djibouti on behave of IOG and his wife, he is trying to take over what is left of Mr. Bourreh business, the brand of tobacco Benson & Hedges exclusivity license in Djibouti used to belong Mr. Bourreh, now you guessed who inherited that lucrative contract, Ahmed Osman is working very hard to fill the shoes of one and only Mr. Bourreh. As we all know Mr. Bourreh speaks Arabic and he has thrust of wealthy oil rich Middle Eastern investors unlike maniac Ahmed Osman who chase after every opportunity to suck the blood of Djiboutian, he is already the back seat manager of the ports of Djibouti Mr. Dhahgour is poppet leader of the port, he has been that way ever since. That was Mr. bourreh position, Ahmed Osman is educated in UK and he has western individualistic sleazy mentality, with such personality can he stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Bourreh? History will be the judge; the ill-advised IOG not only makes wrong choice for his appointed position of government but also alters the delicate balance representation of various ethnic make up in Djibouti.

Ahmed Osman’s elder brother Ali Osman Guelleh as well as his younger brother are quietly working very hard behind the scene They have many underground businesses as well as many exclusivity Like Fuch Lubrication import from Saud Arabia, Delco auto parts, the most recent secured exclusivity is Kenda Tires all these are family businesses but they are operating under the shadow of Ahmed Osmans business empire DHL so as to cut all the corner to maximize the illicitly gained fortune and out do his faceless tribal partners.

 More recent controversial contract was given to Ahmed Osman is to build a compound in Ethiopia for   Mohamed Ibrahim OUGAS Wais a newly coronate OUGAS for Issas majority tribe in Djibouti and in Ethiopia as well as Somalia, forget about the toy Cops and whistle Cops in Djibouti what happened the heartland of Issa, they don’t  know how to manage anymore a small building project, in that case the Issa don’t  deserve to have OUGAS a complex means of Judiciary system for all Issa in Ethiopia, Djibouti and  self declared Somaliland, Throughout the history IOG is not the first powerful force to impose Issa his style OUGAS even the powerful French tried to create a parallel OUGAS for Issa while they were building  the railway track, the short lived OUGAS was given a nickname OUGAS XADIID,This OUGAS we might as well call him “OUGAS Arrab daan dhagax “ because Ahmed Osman is main charity contributor for newly crown Issa OUGAS, just for your info the process of choosing OUGAS seems more similar the way that the Buddhist monk is chosen.

 The most senior cabinet minister of IOG is Ali Abdi Farah, also the same tribe as Ahmed Osman, He is also in mission to transform his ministry of telecommunication and culture, and so far his record speaks for itself, his biggest accomplishment is destroying the media conglomerate Djibnet for good, this however gave him a chance to create an other media company called DjibSat, the Director of this newly created company DjibSat called Nini is the sister of Ahmed his shadow businessman of Ali Abdi Farah and purchasing director of Djibtelecom, having Nini as a director of DjibSat not only bring his chain of command on his directly in charge but also could manipulate the labor force and strategically place is own people in the important position in order to fire as much native as he can get away with it , he already engaged in work place ethnic cleansing, recently he fired many native people from  RTD ( Radio et Television de Djibouti), and denies access to Djiboutian singers and supper star like Nima Djama you hardly any original songs of her on tightly controlled and foreign dominated media

 Elsewhere, the autonomous Port of Djibouti managed by (DPW) Dubai Port World, who is the human resource manager? Also again the same tribe of Ahmed Osman , she has also a mission to accomplish, her first noticeable action was to replace all Mr. Bourreh  Security guard employee, they were all fired and replaced to Issaq tribe and she hired more than two dozen new employees of her tribe  for the Doraleh Port without the  knowledge of her superior Dhahgoor who driver huge car and thinks himself a important person, but actually the former human resource manager still direct from outside through his own people, Dhahgoor and the President brother until today they don’t have direct day to day operation of the Port as most the people have been  led to believe on the other hand the DPW is not helping the situation by having more than it share of labor force from oversea, DPW often employs less skilled foreigner with more pay from Asia through middle man, perhaps on Djiboutian side the contract with DPW was not negotiated properly because too personal interest evolve, the decision maker at the time were under pressure to stop back log of Ethiopian port due non payment from state to state

 Well  in the greater Somalia Ahmed Osman’s ancestral tribe (Isaac) says (NAFTA IYO ARRABKUBA MEEL XUN BAY KU DHIGAAN) Wouldn’t his underground co-investors understand his speed and erratic business activities, the way that he is antagonizing the indigenous people of host nation? Or shall we say what great Somali poet Sayed Mohamed Abdelleh said about Isaac (Idoor) tribe stands until today and it is relevant in many ways “the faith of Issaq is to remain forever as stupid as donkey”.

 Its déjà-vu all over again, by comparing how the Jewish people dominated the US political landscape of today and the way that Issaq is trying to ghettoize the Issa majority tribe. The Jewish began their business empire from bootleg, prostitutions, illegal gambling, the money gained from these illegal sources later opened bars, cabarets small and medium size companies and finally they graduated to banking and insurance industries. As we mentioned earlier Ahmed Osman and his associates are doing everything simultaneously  from prostitutions through  Commandant De Port Djibouti Gauché with his right-hand pimp Sabban and the high end  business of Banking  and insurance , The 1st Lady is the major share holder of one the two major auto insurance companies her brother  Mahamoud Djama Hayd Governor of Central Bank of Djibouti is major share holder of BDCD Bank, He is also a shadow Minster of Finance, While the actual finance Minster remains a puppet or the first Lady’s business manager.

Speaking about Mahamoud Djama Hayd, nowadays he is no longer shadow figure as he use to be, he appears in a media more often these days is it the away to introduce him to the public indirectly as future leader? After all he is his brother in law and Isaac tribe, as we all know that the IOG controls the media tightly, during his last few cabinet ministers meeting the cameraman or news editor shows only his favorite ministers while others that he feels that they might have chance to replace him aren’t shown their faces although they are in the same meeting room with the rest of the ministers, farther prove of that media manipulation is Ali Abdi Farah minister of culture and telecommunication and senior cabinet minister is an other sleazy Isaac character.        

 Also an another recent incident happened in self declared Somaliland, the first lady there tried to behave like the first lady in Djibouti, Somaliland first lady sold  NGO vehicles illegally, her personnel driver leak the story to media and subsequently the driver was jailed illegally after the media reported the abusive power, fortunately the media is independent in Somaliland unlike Djibouti where the abusive power of the First Lady is the way of live no one dare talks about it at all or risk of being jailed like Djiboutian supper star Nima Djama, the majority tribe in Somaliland  Issaq resisted the bad culture of Djibouti to spill over , they confronted  Mr. Kahin and demanded that he restrains his wife from any day to day governmental affair, well why can’t the same way the majority Issa tribe in Djibouti couldn’t demands IOG to stop franchising power to his wife and other minorities like Lotah, Al-Gamil, Hashin Afwayne, and many more that abuses the power and manipulates the system specially Ba-fourabeh inner circles? A similar dealing occurred in Djibouti where the first lady of Djibouti exported the presidential vehicle of Djibouti to Somaliland through the first lady of self declared Somaliland no one dare talks about it in Djibouti the way that the Somalilanders took the action that is required to correct the circumstance. In Djibouti people couldn’t show even their feeling for the fear of Big Brother let alone protest any injustice.

There another issac tribe businessman Tani during the war time with repel known as FRUD there were few government contractors who deliberately refuse to honour their contracts with government. Among these contractors are “Establishment Tani”, they were the one and only plastic pipe supplier to the ONED (water supplier agency in Djibouti) lucrative contact. During the crises they didn’t show up patriotism and support to their nation, unfortunately they quietly abandon government. Surprisingly they have been awarded with mega contracts, from many governmental institutions like Djib Telecomto to name a few who gave a huge contract to “Tani Transport” subsidiary of “Establishment Tani”. Its obvious changing names or using other personalities of foreign nationals is a style to evade the spotlight, after all it is a small town and tension is already high among the various communities, its only fair to say the wealth should be divided fairly not to concentrate in hands of view foreigners, same things goes with the government appointed main position. The government and business should reflect the native Djiboutian

As concerned citizens of this nation, we just only asking our government to do the right thing and help create scheme to award financial incentive to the war veteran, and the true citizens of this nation, the people that give their life to this country, we have to forget the old saying “give your stick to whom you can take it gain from” so when it comes to foreigner for sure you may cut them loose, but you can not recoup all what they have gained during good times, because you have illegal side contract with them, the good example is Aidiid’s Djibnet, did Djama Ali Guelleh the cousin (cousin german)  of the president got all what he invested, little Adiid didn’t abide by the street law, he mess up with royal family and they both lost big time.

We have our own Bilderberg Group like Lota, Al-Gamil, Ahmed Osman, First Lady, Brother of the First Lady, Cosmezz, Collass , Dharar, Abuyasir,Merrill, Coubeush, Massida,  French and USA, that is telling the IOG what do, how on earth you can make them all happy without infringing the interest Djiboutian, of course you gain a lot less then what they gain in every transaction if there proper procedure and transparency that can control them. , what did the IOG do with all money he gains from the various side deals? Off course IOG likes to buy popularity like any other 3rd word leader  such as displaying huge billboards, patronizing minorities and large amount of money were funneled to Somaliland, It made him very popular in Somaliland all of sudden and a lavish parties were  staged simultaneously in Hargeisa and Borama co-ordinate by Ahmed Osman, Hashi Afweyne and Mr. Kahin, when the campaign was hailed as success  in Somaliland the Djibouti Presidential vehicles were awarded as appreciation by IOG himself through Ahmed Osman forwarding company , the recipient in Somaliland were the first lady as mentioned above. It was not long time ago where IOG was the most hated foreign President in Somaliland simply he was advocating the greater Somalia issue just for lip service, most recently IOG funneled large sum of money and his continuous corrupted advice  to his cousin Mr. Kahin in order to hung on power little bit longer while IOG is planning  how to sort out  his re-election plan for illegal 3rd  term but its too late now Mr. Kahin already bow to the adamant  political pressure of the opposition parties , international communities, and the neighboring countries except IOG who remain to be quite and silent supporter of Mr. Kahin for his own personal political interest.

The learned fool writes his nonsense in better language than the unlearned, but it is still nonsense. the same thing is true about the incompetent leader who doesn’t have full mandate of his nation, he can be led through long leash by his colonial masters regardless he gets to wonder around too much sometimes and declares to run for illegal  3rd  term  without his colonial master’s consent , the master can shorten his leash anytime to remind him that he is still around, perhaps that is one of many reasons that the big powers or colonial masters tolerate the dictators like IOG , so that they can have say the internal affair of the other countries that they had  colonized, they also know who is who and in most cases they are well informed than the majority of every nation politician and citizen alike.

It is either the IOG is not learning from the recent history of FRUD by depending too much on minority and his sub clan the Ba Furlabeh ruling family or he is out of touch from the ground reality , it is well documented that these ruling Ba Furlabeh family are not from Djibouti  ,  La Vache Qui Rit from Ganda Depot, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia and his Toy Cop “Jouet COP” recent arrival subordinate From  Guerissa, Somalia a Colonel of 500 private presidential security guard , in either case they are ruling Djibouti with impunity would be inhospitable to any law abiding citizen and a threat to the well-being of all Djiboutian, and we believe that they should be removed from power by any means necessary let alone for extra illegal  mandate before they do irreversible damage to the fabric of this country’s multicultural society, we also believe that major foreign government who have interest in this country have moral duty to openly champion  the political freedom, transparency and good governance, they have to put  their words into deeds and immediately stop supporting  the La Vache Qui Rit and Queenpin,

Djiboutian people sick and tire of empty promises, it about time for a new faces, fresh idea and above all change for batter, people are really have had enough of status clue for the same family for more than 30 years, The Ba Fourlabeh family are getting very close to become or crown themselves as one and only royal family of Djibouti although they are not original from Djibouti it self as the title of articles indicates

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Hi, this is Labaale your average concerned citizen of Horn of Africa, we’re really worried about the stability of this war torn region, we have the worst dictators from around the world, ironically supported by the Western Countries supposedly the advocators of democracy, transparency, good governance and human Right, If regime change is really needed this is the place to start, we have no short of rootless dictators from MELES Zenawi of Ethiopia,ISMAIL Guelleh of Djibouti,RAYAALE Kahin of self-declared Somaliland and ISAIAS Afwerk of Eritrea.


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