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How the IOG weathers the political storm of Somaliland ?

The President Ismail Omer Guelleh known as IOG have many similarities with ruling strong man of Somaliland Mr Kahin who tries to rule his little experiential self-declared Somaliland in absolute anarchy after he exhausted every avenue to stay in Power with behind the scene of moral and material support from IOG, Mr Kahin tried his best to delay the election … Continue reading

Poor-Powerless-Disoriented Issa In Ddjibouti

Does the Issa tribe have the guts to tumble-down the Al-Gamil Group the same way that First Lady’s so called Republican Guard stampeded over the Borreh Group of companies? Frankly speaking the chance of retaliating in the same fashion as the first lady is very slim, after all the supposedly Issa majority group are in … Continue reading

Q 6 of Djibouti is slowly becoming an other Gaza Strip

32 years after independent The second generation Djiboutian from Q 6 are now fighting different war that their grand father fought,domination of the foreigners and IGO oppression and created uprise March 19th The 19th of March come and gone without any incident from the remaining dissident group, is that means the end of activist as we know it in … Continue reading

Djibouti’s labor market ethnic cleansing by Somalilander

With La Lorraine Security, tribal favoritism kicks in which is already in full swing; The individuals, employees of the subcontractors of Camp Lemonier, their families and concerned citizens of this nation, that have endorsed this open letter have done so because they are deeply concerned about rapidly deteriorating moral situation of the employees, this could … Continue reading