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Hanging On The Power Is Only Option For IOG

 After offending so many people through his regime for the past 30th years From SDS to rootless leader of this one-city-state of ours, how many people he offended along the way?, well IOG might be smiling at camera or his exclusive RTD TV screen, it would be unfair to accuse all the alleged crimes that has … Continue reading

Who Speaks For The Third World Nations?

Do western leaders are accountable for oppressed nations like ours? Certainly not, because we didn’t elect them and thy are not accountable to us, who would tell them stop the rhetorics and mind your dirty business of double-standard, the occasional lip services are not working in long-term for both the western countries and the developing … Continue reading

Mr. Boreh breaks his silence while US, French and AU kept their lips-tight

 Mr. Boleh has the unwavering support of the Djiboutian majority for sure, who are sick and tire of status quo , what could be better place to announce his candidacy other than VOA, we knew BBC Somali service journalist have been biased, they miserably fail to pose IOG the tough questions that we accustomed from the … Continue reading

Ougas Coronation And IOG Reincarnation, Is It Coincident Or Choreographed events?

Is it coincident or carefully choreographed plan? IOG hijacked the freshly coroneted Ougas kicking out all his gurus on eve of his own reincarnation of the president of Djibouti for life, typical IOG no surprise as a desperate man to remain in power, the only avenue remain for him to gain the sympathy and support of the majority … Continue reading