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The never-ending sight of yellow Jerry cans for brackish

The major drought of the region from Passto,Wallo Adint,Daba Dheer,and the mother of all drought “We’re the world,we’re the children …..” only affects large area with less frequency, it’s a natural disaster that human being has little or no control over it, but there is another new kind of urban draught that occurs every year … Continue reading

Can Piggy be exonerated of any crime by means of an alibi?

We can remember what happened to the Borreh Group of Companies while Piggy was attending the francophone summit in Canada, than mysterious death of the Colonel Boqoreh while Piggy was in Addis Ababa for surprise visit of undisclosed agenda and yet another deliberate absence of Piggy coincided with the plot to eliminate Aden Roble Awaleh. The only … Continue reading

For How Long You Can Protect The Ailing Regime that heading toward cul-de-sac

For how long Col. Abdi abdillahi Farah can protect the ailing regime of IGO, the parallel government of the first lady could speed up the demise of the regime, the chaos and complication could disintegrate the government, for instance Col Abi Abdillahi acts as interior minister in charge of the internal security and he directly … Continue reading

The Male Cat (Curi) Eats Its Offspring; It has been learned lesson from Piggy (IOG) throughout this brutal regime.

Omer Dankali President of the Djibouti Chamber of Commerce, honorary counsel of Austria if I’m not mistaken, He is also married to Ba-Fourlabeh bossy lady a close associate of Piggy royal family, he is also the owner of the biggest Pharmacy in Djibouti Horn of Africa Pharmacy. He is one of the few Djiboutian who drives Foreign … Continue reading

Is Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation between France and Djibouti of 27 June 1977 intact ?

 It would be a naïve to believe that the treaty is stand as it was before the US interrupted the semi-autonomous of one-city-state of ours. If third party is involved in the equation, especially superpower likes US, the erratic movement of the US, such as attacking the neighbouring countries from Djibouti like Somalia, Yemen and … Continue reading

Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation between France and Djibouti of 27 June 1977 is built-in Self-judging clause.

Self-judging clauses are clauses that allow states to reserve to themselves a right of non-compliance with international legal obligations in certain circumstances. A good example of a self-judging Clause can be found in the Convention concerning Judicial Assistance in Criminal Matters, which provides that assistance in proceedings relating to criminal offences. However It may be … Continue reading

Kyrgyzstan Is Too Far And Yet Too Close To Our Home Affair; it’s yet another opportunity for Piggy to reconsider his suicide mission

Kyrgyzstan is an other country in Central Asia that has startling similarity with Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan has post Soviet Union strongman and we have post colonial strongman, Kyrgyzstan has US military base and we have US military base too, Kyrgyzstan has the father of the x-Soviet Union and we have former colonial master in our backyard,the … Continue reading