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What Is The Main Cause For The Youth Violence? Who should be held responsible for the ill of our society?

From time to time Piggy’s regime held a meeting after meeting just for the photo-up, no real agenda how to tackle the problem even they now how which however I doubt they do simply because the regime itself is the part of problem. The youth anti social behaviour isn’t new phenomenon in the region and … Continue reading

Djibouti Is In Deep Economic Crises Mainly because of Piggy’s mismanagement

Djibouti economy depends heavily on its modern ports, and the only clients are from Ethiopia, the lack of co-ordination between the DP World and Junior Minister Mr. Bahdon in charge of the Djibouti ports, he is the main cause of Djibouti loosing its only customers to Somaliland Port of Barbara, what ever remaining business in … Continue reading

The clash between the Gov. and Parallel Gov. of 1st lady

Odette de Chihuahua and her entourage of the Parallel Government The Interior Ministry administration become so corrupted, the annual road tax fee for the vehicle in circulation disappeared from the system, somewhere between 20,000,000.00 to 30,000,000.00 FrDj are unaccounted for. It’s under direct responsibility of Warabe Koraaye , the ghost interior minister Col. Abdi Abdillahi reports directly to  Odette … Continue reading