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Adan Robleh Awaleh, XADHIG LAMA SITAAN

It’s no surprise to see Piggy behaves just like Xaashin Afwayne (his Abti and personal comedian)  to open with incomplete poem for his first official campaign, hoping to be re-elected to stay in the Office for the coming half a decade and beyond. Piggy forgot that he is in Djibouti, perhaps he thought himself that … Continue reading

What goes around comes around

It has been an accustomed scenario that the so-called third-world countries have been the only victims of the austerity measures imposed World Bank and its sister International Monitory Fund  IMF. But now-a-days ironically the collaborators have faced the same agony that their Third-World counterpart have been struggling for past four decades or so. One of the main architects of … Continue reading

Wiki-Saga implication of Djibouti’s corrupted rulers

Black Water terrorist US Naval Ship in Djibouti Port. Gendarmerie Nationale Supporting the terrorist The embarrassing revelation of Djibouti government The US State Department assessment about Piggy has been convenient dummy dictator and proxy broker for the US dirty deals in the region. Wikileaks’ latest documents-dump has revealed the complaint made the Yemeni President Saleh … Continue reading