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Adan Robleh Awaleh, XADHIG LAMA SITAAN

election campaignIt’s no surprise to see Piggy behaves just like Xaashin Afwayne (his Abti and personal comedian)  to open with incomplete poem for his first official campaign, hoping to be re-elected to stay in the Office for the coming half a decade and beyond.

Piggy forgot that he is in Djibouti, perhaps he thought himself that he is in western countries, in our society, and you have to strike the balance of the culture and modern politics. Until now in this part of the world it’s unheard off to bash an elder man in such a demeaning fashion right in front of his own people regardless if he is your enemy.

Piggy and his exclusive supporters mainly females

The speech would be a regrettable one for Piggy and could back-fire. The reaction of the part of his speech and method used to alienate Aden Robleh Awaleh already infuriated the broad spectrum of Piggy’s supporters; even the regime’s favourite Odax-gob families are thinking twice their allegiance with Piggy.

The Odax-gob suffered a huge embarrassment after Piggy proved that they can be used against each other, when he said that the unelected parliament speaker and chairman of UMP Iddriss Arnoud another Odax-gob Awrkiraaleh kicked Aden Roble Awaleh out of the so-called the coalition parties UMP.

Piggy or IOGThis kind of irresponsible behaviour has been underground culture of Piggy’s inner circle, there was a similar incident happen in one of the regular afternoon session of chewing Khat. Aden R Awaleh and late Moumin Bahdon show up one afternoon to join Piggy and his inner circle as traditional customary the new arrival first greets those who already in the khat chewing session, the reply came from Haashin Afwayne and he said “ idinma aaminayno hadaad soo goorgorataanna” we won’t trust you even crewel like just tails-wagging-dog , everybody laughed at two elder men including Piggy and John another Odaxgob RG (renseingnement generaux).


The play off between the various communities to eliminate each other end up between Odax-gob the others communities are history and incapable to effectively resist the infinite injustice.


About labo22

Hi, this is Labaale your average concerned citizen of Horn of Africa, we’re really worried about the stability of this war torn region, we have the worst dictators from around the world, ironically supported by the Western Countries supposedly the advocators of democracy, transparency, good governance and human Right, If regime change is really needed this is the place to start, we have no short of rootless dictators from MELES Zenawi of Ethiopia,ISMAIL Guelleh of Djibouti,RAYAALE Kahin of self-declared Somaliland and ISAIAS Afwerk of Eritrea.


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