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Busted Economic mismanagement secrecy

The visit of IMF on February 22-29 /2004 resulted government the Gov of Dj to cave-in, and accept an informal agreement with IMF, on this unprecedented move, the IMF had infringed sovereignty of Gov of Dj as functioning state that can be capable of managing it economy. The IMF approved a three-year US$26.5 million loan … Continue reading

Djibouti August inflation falls to 4.6 pct year/year

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Consumer prices in Djibouti rose 4.6 percent on the year in August, slowing from 5.0 percent annual inflation a month earlier, while on-month prices rose 0.8 percent, driven by the rising cost of food, official data showed on Thursday. On a year-on-year basis, food prices jumped 8.7 percent, due largely to dwindling supplies … Continue reading

Djibouti Telecom selects Ericsson to introduce the country’s first 3G network

Sep 21, 2011 Categories: Corporate   Djibouti Telecom and Ericsson announce contract for 2G and 3G networks The deal is the first of its kind for Ericsson in Djibouti and will allow Djibouti Telecom to introduce new services such as mobile broadband to its customers   Djibouti Telecom (DT), the primary telecommunications provider in Djibouti, announced that … Continue reading

Oyster Oil & Gas Limited Signs Production Sharing Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Djibouti

ST. PETER PORT, GUERNSEY–(Marketwire -09/19/11)- Oyster Oil & Gas Limited (“Oyster Oil” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the formal signing of a Production Sharing Agreement (“PSA”) between the Government of the Republic of Djibouti (“Djibouti”) and Oyster Oil. The PSA covers four blocks: Blocks 1, 2, and 4 are located onshore and Block … Continue reading

UNICEF Djibouti Horn of Africa Crisis Situation Report #9

・Based on joint needs assessment carried out by the inter-agency humanitarian team comprising government of Djibouti and the UN agencies 120,000 people are in urgent need for humanitarian assistance, out of which 70,000 in need of food assistance; 4,577 severely malnourished; 16,126 moderately malnourished; and 77,000 people including 17,600 refugees are in need of safe … Continue reading

Don’t ask don’t tell policy toward homosexuality in Djbouti

In response to the US request about the legality of homosexuality in Djibouti, the lack of response from the regime means that there is no current or pending legislation in Djibouti that would criminalize same-sex relationships. Despite wide spread homosexuality of the elite in Djibouti that has been attributed to the French missionary child abuse, … Continue reading

Expansion planned for Djibouti refinery

HOUSTON, Aug. 12 By OGJ editors A financial company based in Abu Dhabi has acquired a 75% interest in a 40,000-b/d refinery in Djibouti and plans to expand capacity to 100,000 b/d. The buyer, Al Brooge Securities Co., said the expansion will occur “in the next stage.” The firm said the refinery yields 23% naphtha, … Continue reading

IOG (Piggy) a ruler in absentia.

According to US cable leaked before its due date to be declassified 03/11/14, either Roble Olhaye hijacked national interest of Djibouti or Piggy is a ruler in absentia. Ali Abdi Farah Foreign minister at time has tried to insert his power and override what he called “the unauthorized dealing of  Roble Olhaye to sideline the … Continue reading


According to Wiki leaks’ latest release of US cable about Djibouti  African Development Bank (ADB) Economist charged with East Africa, Mahamadou Drame, met with politicians and economists Off March 9th to discuss U.S. aid to Djibouti and ADB’s plan for Djibouti. Drame inquired about which areas United States aid would cover and asked how money … Continue reading

UNICEF challenges ability of Djiboutian government

According to UNICEF, five water trucks have been rented from the Government and UNICEF will use the vehicles to deliver water to 35 selected areas that do not have reliable access to safe water. The agency is also providing repair and maintenance equipment for wells and boreholes. The project is just for 75-days operation to … Continue reading