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Is it Cooperation or Dictation?

The recent visit of U.S. General F.Ham Carter, head of AFRICOM, U.S. military command for Africa, was received in early July 2012 by Executive Chief of Djibouti Enterprise Ismail Omar Guelleh (Piggy).The meeting between the two men took place in Djibouti, the Djibouti side as usual was represented by Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf and the Director of National Security Hassan Saeed Khaireh. The American line-up includes Mrs Geeta Passi, U.S. ambassador and the commander of U.S. forces based in Djibouti, Major General Ralph Baker.

According to La Nation both sides discussed the maritime piracy in the Indian Ocean and the need to strengthen coöperation to better Djibouti-American fight against terrorism. It was also discussed during the meeting yet again another the extension of the U.S. base Camp Lemonier without any clear benefit for the Djiboutian side. This time the Americans were pushing to extend the airport runway or Taxi Way, American military argues that the extension of its runway clearance. This project, called “Taxi Way,” is going to strengthen the activities of the Djibouti International Airport but also those of other foreign forces in Djibouti.

After a short press briefing, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said the Djibouti government had with the U.S. relations in various areas related to exchange intelligence. “We have important security dialogues and exchanges of information in the field of Intelligence .Our views converge mainly on Somalia in effect at the end of its transition, and we want our regular consultations with the forces and the U.S. government can contribute to better security in the region, “he said. But the US government hardly share its information with host nation, nor does it warn the illegal attack on the neighbouring countries and blatant human right violation including the assassination of its own citizen. On September 2002 – Djibouti says it won’t be used as a base for attacks against another country in the region. When about 900 US troops set up camp in support of US-led war on terror. HAL BACAAD LAGU LISAY.

The US government installed inside Djibouti airport and elsewhere in the neighbouring countries’ airport a sophisticated information gathering system of travellers coming into the country and transit passengers En route to Somalia. In real-time the US military camp lemonier authorities just across the runway monitors who is coming Djibouti and who is going through with unfettered access to interrogate and arrest who they wish with or without the knowledge of Djibouti Enterprise representative. In 2009 there was a memo circulating within the Police National administration which says “no foreign national with the exception of Somalis and Ethiopian, can cross land border from the neighbouring countries into Djibouti” this was happening without the knowledge of Interior Minister. Who would trust the US surrogate states, however it is one of the many reasons Somalis avoid travelling through Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. The most favourite route for Somalis these days is Barbara to Dubai via Eden with Africa Airways.

On a face-saving about the deployment of Djibouti forces in Somalia, the Minister Foreign Affairs said the Head of State and General Carter Ham were “concerned about the departure in good conditions Djibouti battalions of AMISOM,” adding that several countries including the United States and France and African Union, the Pan-African organization, are obliged “to contribute militarily to strengthen the capacity of Djibouti battalion to be deployed soon to Baladweyne.”

The extension of the runway is not something new, according to the information that has been obtained from Wiki Leaks. The US government’s strategic interest was miscalculated or back then she hasn’t been a long term strategic interest of its Government. The Economic Adviser to the Executive Chief of Djibouti Enterprise Ismail Omar Guelleh Mr Boreh proposed that the current airport to be used for military purpose only and new airport need to be built to accommodate the potential market for regional airport.

The US government believes that the Government of Djibouti may see base negotiations as a vehicle to help finance a new international airport in Djibouti. It will likely argue that, while costly, a new airport would be in the best short and long-term interests of the U.S. based on the above perception the US rejected Mr Boreh’s proposal.

The Executive Chief of Djibouti Enterprise Ismail Omar Guelleh is expected to accept without counter proposal or sticking to the original proposal that Mr Boreh put together. US patch-work proposal to extend the current airport runway is expected to go ahead as the strategic interest of the US shifted and requires to shrink the size of American forces in Europe and elsewhere— and bases like Camp Lemonier will be expected to manage the risk at a modest cost.

The US military base Camp Lemonier manages the US strategic interest for a vast area of Africa that includes Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, across the Gulf of Aden — almost 70 percent the size of the continental United States. In return the Executive Chief of Djibouti Enterprise Ismail Omar Guelleh get a cheap $30 million land lease, unpaid airport parking fees and duty-free extended to the military civilian support staff that sometimes filters down to local market as the French military use to do.

1. (S) During the July 6 meeting of the U.S.-Djibouti Military Coordinating Committee, Abdurahman Boreh, Special Economic Advisor to President Ismail Omar Guelleh, told USLO Chief that the Government of Djibouti would like to construct a new international airport. He said an American consulting firm was already under contract to do a preliminary study and to produce a master plan. This future airport, he continued, would benefit U.S. military forces. Essentially, the new airport would allow Djibouti to turn over its current international airport exclusively for military use. American, French, and Djiboutian military personnel would have complete control of the premises to enforce security and develop a runway that could meet all the services’ needs. When USLO Chief pressed on financing possibilities for a new international airport, Boreh admitted that financing was currently lacking. However, he offered the view that Shaykh Mohamed (bin Rashid?) of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, owner of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and Dubai Ports International (DPI), would finance a new passenger terminal if the Government of Djibouti could finance the new airport’s runways, ramps and control tower.

2. (S) Intriguingly, Boreh stated that he hoped this time the U.S. military would “plan ahead” and “think seriously” about the opportunity that was before it, instead of making the same mistake that was made in 2002 when U.S. forces were offered Camp Lemonier, and all the land east to the sea, and turned it down. USLO explained to Boreh that no element of the Department of Defense could pay for or assist in the development of a civilian airport. Boreh smiled and said he was sure that some arrangement could be made during the upcoming negotiations for Camp Lemonier.


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Hi, this is Labaale your average concerned citizen of Horn of Africa, we’re really worried about the stability of this war torn region, we have the worst dictators from around the world, ironically supported by the Western Countries supposedly the advocators of democracy, transparency, good governance and human Right, If regime change is really needed this is the place to start, we have no short of rootless dictators from MELES Zenawi of Ethiopia,ISMAIL Guelleh of Djibouti,RAYAALE Kahin of self-declared Somaliland and ISAIAS Afwerk of Eritrea.


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