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The cheap policy of the government BERKA JECLIYAA …XAYDHA JECLIYAA

I see this is a cheap policy of the government BERKA JECLIYAA …XAYDHA JECLIYAA Djiboutian authority also cash-in indirectly by getting the commission from ransom payout. Ismail Tani the Secretary General of the President (Piggy) not only provides Passports for the Somali pirates but he also accompanies them to Doha, Qatar, where the ransom payment takes place. The … Continue reading

Yet another mega project for campaign purpose only!

The Conference of Presidents of the National Assembly was held yesterday in the committee room of the palace of the people. The campaign expenses to max the nation’s credit card is nothing new, I think one needs to look back our short history to find out the typical behavior of Piggy. In late 90’s while … Continue reading

Corruption creates uneasiness of co-existence.

In recent revelation after the regime occurred in the self-declared Somaliland, the Somaliland ruler Mr Rayaale Kahin basically sold out the Self-declared Somaliland interest to the Ethiopians, The newly elected President Mr. Silanyo is in a state of shock to discover the gross mismanaged and he started to sort out the shady agreements that he has inherited. Mr. Silanyo is still struggling to … Continue reading

Clash Of Rival Imperialisms

C.I.A night ops Piracy in the Gulf of Aden US involvement The Scramble for Africa: USA markets crash as CIA agents has been exposed as supporters the of Somali pirates, there has to be some other ways to finance the out of control War-On-Terror like Iran-Contra Affair by diverting the proceeds of Piracy by just … Continue reading

Who welcomes what is not in equal-footing!

The modern AWOR KIRAALEH This is what the honorable human being would do. The Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, is to resign. He said that ruling party kingpin Ichiro Ozawa would also resign from the party’s No 2 post. Japanese public broadcaster NHK said that Hatoyama had told party executives of his intention to step down, to take … Continue reading

Why Kenya and Ethiopia ought to annex and divide Somalia

The views and opinions of the author expressed in this article do not reflect those of Labo22. As the Ethiopian Nation had been included within this article, Labo22 believes Ethiopians and Djiboutian should be aware of this topic which was published in Kenya in Oct ’08, and sparked a debate between Kenyans and Somalian, without … Continue reading

Djibouti President Guelleh’s Third Term: Another End to Democracy in Africa?

Written by Daniela Kirkby (1) Despite the fact that Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Guelleh’s regime is one of the most repressive administrations in sub-Saharan Africa and is surrounded by corruption, mismanagement, money laundering, drug trafficking, human rights abuses and political stagnation; in March 2010, Guelleh announced that he was ready to run for a third … Continue reading